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Eileen Honan DeVaney was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  Her youth was rich with outdoor experiences, family adventures, and perhaps a touch of teen angst ;-).  She later attended UC Berkeley where she received a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies.  After college she spent nearly two years in Mexico before returning to the Bay Area to complete a certificate program in Studio Art at UC Berkeley, while working in education.  In addition to spending time in the studio, DeVaney loves kickin’ it with her two children and husband, and sharing her passion for the arts through teaching.  She currently resides in Berkeley, California.


DeVaney is inspired by nature, philosophy, expanding consciousness, the mystery inherent in math, music, the enchantment of children’s play, and integrative mind-body work through yoga and aikido. When drawing or painting, DeVaney often starts off closely rendering objects and slowly lets go of literal interpretation when a new rhythm emerges. 


DeVaney plays around with the idea of transcending dichotomies.  The way this translates in her work is an attempt to make something more than the sum of the binary parts. It is the process of discovering dimensionality beyond dichotomies that is really exciting and liberating for her. 

Berkeley Oakland California Artist Eileen DeVaney
Berkeley Oakland California Artist
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